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Why is Active Learning so important?

This week we are preparing to host our experiences for 109 high school students from Seattle, so what better chance to talk about active learning and its benefits?

First of all, let's focus on WHAT active learning is: it's an innovative approach to education, in contrast to the traditional method of mere "listening to the teacher".

In active learning, the students are involved in different activities, such as discoveries, role playing, hands - on workshops and so on.

In our historical escape rooms we give students a chance to learn about history, literature or culture in general through a virtual format, where our hosts take care of the story telling as well as facilitating the interaction between students, encouraging critical thinking and team work, and follow them as they solve our enigmas.

Let's go a little bit deeper!

As mentioned, we don't believe in passive listening anymore. According to Dale’s Cone of Experience, students remember about 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, but 90% of what they do.

We create our enigmas depending on the skills we want to bring out: creativity, lateral thinking, communication, socio-emotional capabilities.

We are proud to say most students that join our experiences have learned AND had fun!

Raise you hand if you're tired of seeing your students half asleep during in-class or online lessons. It's normal, but it doesn't have to be like this. Depending on the age, scholars have different levels of concentration, which drastically drop if they're not allowed to speak, practice, think aloud and together. This is why we know our format works: it concentrates in one hour a series of adrenaline-filled quizzes, puzzles, word games and fun historical facts!

Are you familiar with the quote "Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."? Different students have different personalities and often don't have the same learning process or style.

It's important to accommodate diverse types of students: in our experiences you could notice that someone who usually struggles in a traditional class is actually a visual learner, or a kinesthetic one and responds better when given new ways of learning . Let's give them all the tools and opportunities they deserve to show them they can be great!

We can't stress this enough: we firmly believe that team work is the key to success in our escape games and many other situations in life. Children, young adults and grown ups need to enhance their team work abilities, as we all have different skills and only by cooperating we can achieve our goals! Sometimes students can be shy, especially if they don't know each other and our hosts can help create a relaxed and fun virtual environment so that everyone can feel like sharing their thoughts!

Teachers! We have a special program for you and your students: we can actually create new scenarios, tailor-made for your own class, no matter age, levels or subject. Our escape rooms can fit into history, art, philosophy, science, literature or anything else you have in mind! We can choose together the skills you want to bring out of your class and we'll create the perfect enigmas! Contact us now!

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