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1. Ideal for Remote Teams

Is your team scattered around the world? Forget about the distance and let us bring them together!

2. Great for Large Teams

Our host can manage groups up to 200 people!

3. Time and date flexibility

We can accommodate any day and any time!

4. Taylor made

Do you wish to personalize the experience? They don't have to be Historical Escape Rooms! We can work on the scenario, the skills you want to bring out of your team, duration and so on!



1. Ideal for active learning

We believe that the best way to learn something is by having fun and actively participate.

2. Fun and informative

Let us show your students that learning can be fun and that technology is a great help!

3. Taylor made

We can build together an experience based on what your scholars are learning, any subject, any level!

4. Great for developing group skills

Playing our games means the participants have to be teammates and collaborate, if they want to succeed!

Online Family Entertainment


1. Ideal to meet your far away friends

If you're far away from your friends or family, just meet them online and share a fun experience with them!

2. Great for a gift

We love hosting birthday celebrations, anniversaries, holidays, friday night games!

3. Fun, fun and fun

We guarantee you and your group will be laughing for the entire time!

4. Perfect for all ages

Kids can play, grandparents can play, the whole family can play together!

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