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Born and raised in Sardinia, I've spent most of my life getting out of my comfort zone: from far away Aotearoa, where I've learnt to speak kiwi english to romantic Venice, where I got my degree in japanese language and culture. I then flew to Kyoto to master the essential art of oriental philosophy and how to eat fish with chopsticks. Shortly after I travelled through Australia on my blue Toyota van, backpacking and learning the importance of a hot shower and a fridge. After pretending to be a waitress and pruning a huge amount of mango and avocado trees I landed in South East Asia, living all kind of adventures in Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Once I went back to Sardinia I realized that my passions could be combined in one job: tour guide. Since 2015 thousands of travellers have joined me in city tours, food tours, museums, daytrips and more. I became fluent in spanish by moving to Granada, where you might have seen me leading segway and ebike tours, getting emotional talking about the Alhambra or eating all the tapas in my fav place. Florence is my last love, where I lived for three years surrounded by the greatest art. Currently, you find me in Sardinia, where I truly belong.  Culture communication is still my passion, and Corona virus could not stop my need to thrive, so I created Historical Escape Tales. My goal today is to bring you the best virtual cultural experience, through fun and history. I'm ready for the next adventure!




I was born in Sardinia, in the most beautiful city by the sea, Cagliari, from sardinian mother and roman father. This double nationality immediately made me open to new cultures and new experiences, and most importantly made me appreciate life and the little things. I took my first trip when I was 3 months old and since then I got to discover the most beautiful places in my land. Since I've started talking, I have never stopped: I have a great passion for spanish, which I also teach, after living in Barcelona. You currently find me in Melbourne, Australia, where I've been living for the past three years. Every time I get a chance to go back to Sardinia I can show my love for the island by working as an official tour guide. I believe in a concept of culture which is open, equal and social.
Since I met Giulia we've been working together, sharing adventures and laughs!




Hi! My name is Mara and I come from a small town in Umbria region. I have a degree in Linguistic Mediation and I’m currently studying for a Master degree in translation at Turin University.
Three years ago I moved to Florence, where I started working in the tourism industry, and where I met Giulia.
I madly fell in love with this city, its history and timeless art and thought of staying here.
Languages are my passion: I always thought that having the chance to learn another language was the perfect way to connect different worlds and cultures.
I can also say that I’m a bookworm: when I’m not a tour leader I enjoy reading books, which is another great way to travel safely from my sofa!

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Hi there! My name is Marco, I was born and raised in Cagliari, Sardinia.
Music is my first passion: I have a degree in Music and New Technologies and I've spent a long time touring the island with different bands.
I lived in the UK for the past two years, working as a flight attendant but when Covid took my job I decided it was time to go back to Sardinia.

I'm definately a people person so when Giulia asked me to join the team I was super excited for this new adventure as it's a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and share some laughs!

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